The Richest Rappers In the World

Added by Edan Barak on Aug 8, 2017
the richest rappers in the world

They love to flaunt their wealth and drive pimped-up cars, but who's all talk and who has the moola to back up their swagger?

Rappers work in a cut-throat industry, literally. They're often known to be members of gangs, and what better way to get rid of the competition than with a good-ol' drive-by shooting? Just ask Tupac Shakur (or maybe not).

Rapping is also a very lucrative industry, with the top talents' net worth reaching up into the hundreds of millions. So who's the king of the rapping hill, whose the richest rapper of them all?


Snoop Dogg

Net worth: $135 million
Real name: Calvin Broadus, Jr.
Date of birth: October 20 1971

If, like me, you've always thought Snoop Dogg was a bizarre name for a rapper, consider this: he was born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr! If that was your name, you'd probably change it, too. However, in this case it was a wise move. Snoop Dogg was discovered by the legend that is Dr. Dre, who helped to launch his rap career. His albums have gone platinum several times over, putting him firmly in the history books. More recently he has turned his hand to acting (although I'll let you be the judge on how successful this venture is!). All of this has earned him a rather tasty net worth of $135 million.


Ice Cube

Net worth: $140 million
Real name: O'Shea Jackson
Date of birth: June 15 1959

Ice Cube is unique in that he is probably just as well known for his rap career as he is for his acting career. He has written, produced, directed and starred in several popular films, including Are We There Yet?. Aside from this, he has sold almost 40 million records in the U.S. alone; these very impressive achievements have earned him $140 million so far. However, his records are not suited to those who have a sensitive disposition. Ice Cube - otherwise known as O'Shea Jackson - takes a very honest, violent look at politics and the world in general, which has put him in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as well as the good ones!

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