Never Say NO To These 10 Places In Austria

Added by sophiewilson on May 4, 2017

Austria, a country with a great wealth of history, culture, tradition and architectural wonders, is fast becoming a major holiday destination for travelers from all around the world. After its neighbor country Switzerland, Austria is the next most popular winter sports capital in Europe. However, the country sees equal number of tourists, who arrive to see the breathtaking historical sites and hike the heart-stopping alps scenery, during summer days.

If you are planning your travel itinerary for Austria holiday, here are the top 10 places you must visit in this beautiful country:

*Edit: Austria has been chosen as the fourth safest country in the world on our list of safest countries. Come see why!


The Schlossberg, Graz

The Schlossberg hill is located in the heart of this city and spread over an area of 500 meters. Graz is the culinary capital of Austria and home to numerous cafes and restaurants with amazing views of the rural life.


St. Charles Church, Vienna

Located in the capital and largest city of Austria - Vienna, this church is a finest example of Baroque style architecture in the world. The artists of this church has combined styles from roman times to the medieval age and renaissance era. Today, this church has been transformed into a museum. While at the place, don't forget to climb through the top most point of the building; you can grab many panoramic views of the city from there.

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