10 Tips For High School To Get Better Grades

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Everybody wants to do well - but all that work, really? Well, try these tips that require only a limited amount of effort to make a difference in your performance.

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Stay on the teacher’s good side

There is a saying that goes ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’. Be nice to your teacher; it’s not that hard to do, especially if you take into consideration that they are the ones who give you your final grade. Teachers will go out of their way to help their favourite pupils.


Make friends with the smart kids

This may be social suicide but so is being grounded for a month due to a bad report card.


Eat a good breakfast

Your body is a machine. If it runs out of fuel, it shuts down immediately. To improve your concentration time, make sure that you have a good breakfast and pack in some lunch to keep your sugar levels up. Avoid unhealthy foods at all costs. School days are long and you need to keep up.


Pay attention in class

Paying attention in class makes doing homework quicker and easier, and will cut down on your exam preparation time.


Do a little bit every day

A journey of a thousand miles is made up of a million tiny steps. Do all your homework every day and start making exam notes. By the time you have to start studying for the exams, most of your notes will be complete and you can devote all your attention to refreshing the info in your head.


Be confident

Confidence is infectious. When you display confidence in yourself then the people around you, including your teachers, also start believing in your potential which in turn boosts your confidence in yourself…. And so on and so on.


Avoid negative people

Life is tough enough without someone telling you the whole time just how tough it is. There’s no point building yourself up just to let some sad soul break you down again because of their own pathetic issues. Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you to do better.


Stop watching TV

Try to imagine how bored you would get if you didn’t have the constant lulling of the television on your mind. Maybe just bored enough to actually do some homework?
It doesn’t take a lot of effort to push the off button.


Enjoy yourself

School is so much more than pure academics, so enjoy the people around you and the certain amount of freedom you have from bills and major responsibilities. It’s the only time in your life where it’s illegal for you to have a job.


Set exciting goals

When you dream of a bright exciting future for yourself then the steps required in getting there, like good grades, become lighter. You might even start to enjoy it and put in some ‘extra’ effort.

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