10 Hollywood Success Stories Against All Odds

Added by Andrew Tyson on Nov 28, 2015
Hollywood Success Stories

Hollywood can eat talent up and spit it right back out. It’s hard to get a break, and even harder to stay relevant. The struggle to get to Hollywood can be difficult, and some have faced greater challenges than others. While these actors, writers, and directors have had to battle great odds to become successes, those battles have given them the strength to stay relevant in a town where fame is extremely fleeting.

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Jim Carrey

Career: Actor

In Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas spends some quality time in a van with his buddy Harry. This location must have seemed somewhat auspicious for Jim Carrey, who as a child lived out of a van with his parents. After his father lost his job, Carrey had to quit high school to help support his family, taking odd jobs as a janitor. To help his family survive, and to care for his chronically ill mother, Carrey had to give up dreams of ever finishing high school. On top of this, he has had to battle depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder throughout his career. With all of these hurdles, Carrey has still managed to become one of the most recognizable and bankable comedians in the movie business.


Michael J. Fox

Career: Actor

Michael J. Fox was a success story already in 1991, with a successful film trilogy and an award-winning television series on his resume. While shooting a movie in 1990, he began to display symptoms of early-onset Parkinson’s disease, and in 1991 was diagnosed. The movement-related symptoms of this disease can make it hard to complete even the most menial tasks, but Fox persevered and continued working, going on to win even more awards for his work on Spin City and Rescue Me, showing that such a crippling disease can be overcome.

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