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10 Great Ideas for Kids Outdoor Toys

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With the age of technology, more and more children are growing up with games consoles, tablets and the television and staying away from the garden more and more.

Being able to get outdoors, have some tremendous fun, giggles but more importantly, receive some excellent exercise without them even thinking about it.

From a parents point of view, seeing their children have fun but have the peace of mind they are away from the dangers of the road is great.

Adding to this, we can remember how we loved these toys as many of them have stood the test of time and will do for many years to come.

Here are 10 great outdoor toys for your garden -

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Themed Sandbox

As children many of us enjoyed a day at the beach, playing in and out of the water but most of all, building sandcastles. Depending on age and imagination, the castles that could be built range from one bucket of sand with the shape of the bucket itself, right up to huge castles with their own corridors, that’s until the sea comes in and removes all the work involved.

With a garden sandpit, children can play for hours building up their own castles at home with a range of multi shaped buckets and spades with a themed sandcastle itself. Add in some water and dry sand becomes something children can shape into whatever they can think of.


Portable Football Net

Even if you have a small garden, a portable football net allows children to have a run around and score goals without having to resort to finding a local park to travel to. Obviously a larger the garden, the more fun to be had chasing each other around, trying to control the ball, weave round your opponents and score a goal.

Most football goals for the garden come as a metal frame with a strong net, with pegs to secure the net into the grass but also to make sure it does not fall over, giving it more stability. Who knows, your children maybe the next professional footballer.



Not something you see children out and about in as much as a skate board or bike but great for the back garden are the range of Ride-Ons available. These give children the opportunity to drive their own vehicle and play all sorts of games from races to pretending to be a taxi.

Easy to control on grass or a more solid surface, these pedal powered garden vehicles give children a great experience and idea what its like to drive a car or truck in the safety of their own back yard.


Space Hopper

As you may know from experience, these are just so funny to be on but even funnier to watch people on them, but even funnier to watch fully grown adults on them as they bring back their childhood and bounce across the garden, most likely the inevitable going to happen and they falling off.

Made of a very strong rubber with a face painted on the front and two ears to hold onto, bouncing along is such a simple idea but with a degree of balance still needed and some good amount of energy in not just your legs but your whole body. Superb!



This is a hilarious outdoor game, as it requires good coordination otherwise you can easily miss the tennis ball. Swingball consists of a metal pole which has a pointed end to can be pushed into the grass, so if you have a garden you adore, maybe not a good idea.

Otherwise, the idea is to hit the tennis ball so your opponent misses so you are the right to get the balls cord to either the top of bottom. A great game, apart from when you get hit by the ball so keeping your wits about you is a good idea. Its great for improving coordination and a strength builder for the upper body.


Garden Swings

These always remind me of my fear of heights, as silly as it is going on a swing as a child used to freak me out a little when at the full height, but it was absolutely great fun at the same time of course.

Fun is the main factor for all the toys on this list of course and garden swings are no less fun that any other garden toy, especially in the very warm weather with the wind rushing past your ears as you swing back and forward. Add in friends on the swing next to you if it’s a duel swing structure and you can have a race to see who can get up the highest first.


Monkey Bars

In the UK there is a little saying you can say to someone who is cheeky that they are a Little Monkey. With Monkey Bars children get a chance to behave like monkeys by hanging in mid air, moving across from bar to bar until they get to the other side.

Not only is this great exercise and a strength builder, the excitement of not wanting to let go and touch the floor or be beaten by other children they are playing with makes this great fun. Children can also go a step further and cover the frame with large sheets and turn it into a tent when they have had enough of swinging by their hands and arms.

Monkey bars themselves are easy to put together for parents and can sit pretty much anywhere in the garden.


Slide and Tower

A few years ago now by far but I remember one of the most exciting evenings after school was a visit to a park where they have so many swings, slides and climbing frames I did not know which to go on first. Playing tag with my two brothers and friends was amazing as we zipped up some stairs and down the slide as well as the odd game of hide and seek.

Having the same great fun of the stairs, slide and tower to play in can be achieved with a variation of this outdoor toy in your own garden. There are so many different styles, shapes, colors and designs to choose from depending where you live, all of which give off the fun factor just to look at. The smiles you see on children’s faces as they climb up, slide down or just play with other toys in the included tower is enough to see they are a great option for a garden toy.



Now this is the ultimate garden toy for those with a medium to large garden and maybe their own children as well as many friends to. The Playcenter incorporates many different outdoor toys such as monkey bars, slide, sandpit, climbing rope, swings and more into one high quality structure. Addin the many accessories you can add on and you have something that will last years and entertain children of many different ages.

You normally see these kinds of toys in the past, in children playgrounds down your local park but as time has gone on, they have become incredibly popular for family gardens to. They come easy to assemble, made of timber that’s been treated to last years and just brilliant for peace of mind your children are playing in the back yard away from the roads.



Now I dont know about you but say the word trampolines to someone and ask them to say something related and they are bound to say fun or bounce, put them together and you have a garden toy that literally children will spend hours on at a time. They literally make time fly when jumping on one with the unlimited combination of trampoline games, moves and tricks children and adults a like can perform on them.

They come in round, rectangular and Oval such as the ranges available from Jumpking in the UK. Having so many different sizes, anyone with a small to very large garden should be able to find a trampoline for not just summer fun, but all year round weather depending.

They are not just fun, but bouncing on one is extremely good exercise and with children at least you do not even feel you are exercising. Try taking the kids for a walk and see them moan, get them on a trampoline though and it’s a different story. Just pure fun, laughter and .. exercise.

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