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10 Basketball Camp Drills for Kids

Added by jefffirst12 in Sports (children, basketball) on May 26, 2014
Kids playing basketball

Below are 10 drills to start them working on before they hit that basketball backboard.

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3 Cone Attack.

Players will take various shots and create various moves. Players will continue to shoot and go to the end of the line while the next player should be down and ready.


5 shots from 5 Spots.

This drill is made with five different shots from five different spots on the floor. Make sure to repeat the drill on both sides of the court. Player starts with the ball and passes it back to the coach for the first shot, then repeats the remaining four shots.


Baby Jump Shots.

The player will begin by sprinting, catching the ball and shooting an elbow jump shot. When he lands, he will quickly sprint and touch the opposite sideline and repeat.


Cone Attack.

This skill will help players do ball-handling better. The player will drive left attacking the cone, then left hand 2 dribble pull back and quickly cross-over. The same goes with the right hand.


Dribble Lay-Ups.

This is a combination of ball-handling, shooting, and finishing around the rim. Start at half-court and dribble full speed to the come, then finish the shot at the rim. Repeat this on the left side and mix up with regular lay-ups, floaters, and power finishes.


Heads Up Stationery Dribbles.

Crouch down in athletic position while dribbling the ball. Your head up at a moderate height, followed by doing a high height, then finally at low height. The coach can also gently toss another ball to the player, then taps the ball back to the coach with his arm bar.


Front "V’s".

Stand almost straight up while dribbling the ball from left hand to right hand and back again, thus forming a "V".


30 Second "Free Style".

Dribble for 30 seconds in a confined area, using as many moves and combination of moves as much as possible. Players should experiment with different dribble combinations.


Around the World.

Circle the basketball first around your head, then your waist. Finally, with legs together, take the ball around both legs at the knees. Then, legs spread, bend at the waist, and take the ball around one leg.


Power Dribbling Double Ball.

Power dribble two balls, one on each hand. This will help in increasing your arm strength for dribbling while enhancing your dribble control while giving you the ability to not look at the ball while dribbling.

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