10 Accidental Inventions That Changed the World

Last updated on Apr 16, 2014

There are scientists that spend their entire lives researching some minute aspect of science, never really contributing anything serious to the world, or contributing only a slight incremental innovation - and their work is lost in the haze of history. Others spend their lives in the pursuit of something big, something nobel-worthy, and, sometimes, after decades of grueling work, finally achieve it.

Then there are the lucky few who've managed to bump into a significant, industry-changing discovery entirely by accident, making a huge name for themselves, and often a nice fortune too. Lady luck can be quite a satirical lady when she wants to. These are the ten most serendipitous innovations that have changed the world.

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Ice Cream Cone

Before 1904, ice creams were only served in dishes. It was in 1904, when during the World Fair ice creams were sold in such a large quantity that the place ran out of dishes. To keep the business going, vendors started selling ice creams in thin wafers. Later cones were formed with these wafers.



Champagne was discovered in the 17th century when Benedictine Monk tried for at least two years to come up with a wine with bubbles. His experiments brought in one of the most unique drinks- Champagne, without which most of our celebrations are incomplete.

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